About Ellen

Patios. Politics. London. History. Sports.

In a Nutshell

Graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Human Development and Social Policy

Masters degree from Loyola University

Married to Melinda with a wonderful family (Alex, Emma, and Indie the boxer)

Favorite volunteer stint: running a food pantry in Indianapolis

Enjoys gardening, hiking, going to the “bark park” with Indie, and all things Chicago sports

About Ellen

Patios. Politics. London. History. Sports.

Favorite Things

Most People Wouldn’t Know: I get loud when talking politics or sports.

Favorite Local Establishment: Red’s Alehouse patio, because I love eating outside in the summer with family and friends. Red’s patio is peaceful and beautiful.

Favorite Food: Anything with gooey cheese on it!

Favorite TV Show: I love a good British crime show like Prime Suspect. The combination of great characters, good writing, and suspense is irresistible.

Perfect Day: A perfect day for me is doing a little gardening, going for a hike in a beautiful place with Indie, my dog, and ending on a nice patio somewhere with a cheeseburger and beer.

Favorite Color: Periwinkle blue

Spirit Animal: A cheetah. I am not sure I relate to it, but I think it would be beyond wonderful to run that fast and still look so effortless.

Favorite Music Genre or Artist: Dan Fogelberg! I love ’70s folk and he is my favorite singer/songwriter from that era.

Favorite Book: London by Edward Rutherfurd. It’s a terrific historical fiction novel with London as a backdrop (which is my favorite city).

Best Advice Received: Be nice. My grandmother and mother both would say this to me over and over. And when I stray from this now, I always regret it. Being nice solves many of the world’s ills. Not all of them but quite a few of them.

Favorite Thing About Working at Meld: It’s a blast to work with people who are fun, creative, and really good people.

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