Kalona SuperNatural

Melinda Pradarelli and Meld Marketing have worked with Kalona Organics nearly since its inception in 2005. Melinda helped consolidate the company’s five brands, creating the name, look (with designer Shannon Heiman), and strategy behind Kalona SuperNatural™ which launched in 2010.

Company-wide profits increased 47 percent in the first two years of the new brand landing on grocery shelves. Melinda provided content and strategy regarding everything from packaging, a new website, social media, new product launch, and nearly every facet of the marketing efforts. Along the way, Melinda also helped the company launch its new Greek yogurt line.

In 2018, the Meld team developed, created, and launched a digital brand advocates program and email campaign to drive increased customer sign ups for the Join Our Herd newsletter initiative. During the initial days of the launch, Meld drove nearly 500 unique visitors to the Kalona SuperNatural website through Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising. The Meld team also created blogs and communicated the launch of a new Kefir line.

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