The University of Iowa School of Music

In 2016, The University of Iowa School of Music was ready to open its beautiful new building, a full 8 years after facing a flood that required the music staff to be housed in different buildings throughout campus.

Melinda Pradarelli conducted focus groups for faculty, staff, and students and worked closely with the School’s leadership to refresh the School’s brand and prepare it for the many opening events that would be attended by University leadership, lawmakers, donors, alumni, current students, prospective students, and students’ parents. Melinda, working with Kevin Mellen, developed the vision for Composing Futures.

The strategy was to create a message that would resonate with potential students who wanted to focus exclusively on music as well as those who may double major in music and law, music and healthcare, and a growing number of double majors that result in interesting future careers ranging from composers to doctors, lawyers and voice scientists.

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