Everything We Do Starts With Strategy

Meld Marketing is a full-service marketing agency in Coralville, Iowa that specializes in brand and digital strategy to help our clients meet their short- and long-term goals. Our creative, passionate, and results-oriented team has a track record for helping companies and organizations better define who they are so they can build an authentic brand expression, increase visibility, generate revenue and sales, and transform the way they connect with audiences.

Marketing Strategy

We begin our partnerships by developing a marketing strategy to guide your future efforts. By helping you better define who you are and what audiences you want to reach, we create a strategy to target those audiences through the right channels.

Brand and Digital Strategy

Based on your needs and goals, we identify the best overall strategic approaches to achieve your intended outcomes.

Annual Marketing Plans

After identifying the best tactics to support your strategy, we build a comprehensive guide for the full year, including special events, social media, campaigns, advertising, digital outreach, and measurement plans.

Product Launches

When you’re ready to go to market with a new product or service, we help build a robust plan for before, during, and after the launch to ensure all customer touchpoints are integrated and consistent.

Competitor Research

We conduct a thorough analysis of your key competitors, including website analytics (and SEO), social media presence, advertising efforts, news coverage, customer reviews, and more.



Once you identify your key performance indicators (KPIs), we pull those metrics together on a regular basis and provide you with a dashboard or detailed reporting (as requested).

Public Relations

Ensuring you have a positive brand reputation is important, so we partner with you to provide increased media coverage, community outreach activities, and even internal corporate communications and events.

External Expert Strategy

If your industry has nationally or internationally known thought leaders, we can help you find the best ways to engage and partner with them to promote your business.

Event Coordination

With years of event management experience, we take care of all the little details so you can focus on your customers.

Marketing Surveys

Our in-house market research capabilities allow us to capture essential insights and feedback from your customers, employees, and the general public.

Brand Development

After strategy comes the creative. Our team elevates your brand by developing eye-catching creative content that increases visibility, revenue, sales, and audience engagement.

Brand Naming

After completing our brand discovery process, we generate potential names for your company, products, product lines, or service offerings.


We carefully craft a meaningful message that resonates with your target audiences, reinforces your brand identity and accompanies your name and logo.

Logo Design

We design simple or visually dynamic logos to represent your company or offering.

Brand Audits

Our team will review how you are using your brand across channels and platforms and provide an assessment with observations and recommendations.

Brand Guides

To ensure brand consistency—no matter how your brand is being used—we develop a brand guide that includes proper logo usage, brand colors, visual styling (photography and fonts), and key messaging for your audiences.

Message Matrices

We identify how to adjust or adapt your key messages by audience and determine which messages are most important and relevant for each target group.

Visual + Content Styling

We provide guidance on photography style, color schemes, fonts, content tone, and overall brand personality.


Stock images aside, we bring your brand to life through custom photography and imagery.

Video Production

We partner to generate meaningful videos that represent your brand and communicate key messages to your intended audiences.

Digital and Print Execution

Meld Marketing is skilled at developing and executing strategies, including paid and organic social media, email campaigns, remarketing, website development, media buying, signage, direct mail, packaging, and more.

Organic and Paid Social Media

Generating content for your social presence on various platforms, we help engage your audiences and target your potential customers.

Targeted Digital Advertising

Using a variety of digital channels, we can reach your ideal audiences with consistent messages and calls-to-action.

Influencer Campaign Strategies

We help you identify and build partnerships with social media influencers to increase your visibility and awareness within target demographics.

Email Campaigns

We design custom emails to reach and engage your audiences with relevant and action-oriented content.

Website Design and Writing

Creating your brand presence on the web, we develop custom websites and creative content to share your key messages with site visitors.


We write relevant industry insights or interesting product stories that will generate additional SEO, support inbound marketing efforts, and increase returning visitors to your site.


Whether developing packaging for an individual product or product line/family, we create unique, compliant, and customer-friendly package designs.

Signage and Displays

Both interior and exterior signage say a lot about your company. We build a clean, easily identifiable signage plan for your business.

Inbound/Content Marketing

We help generate new leads and maintain customer relationships with inbound/content marketing. We are Iowa’s only certified SharpSpring agency.

Consulting Services

Our team offers personalized, consulting services tailored to individual clients' needs. From brand and marketing strategy to digital paid ads to social media, websites, and content development, we are here to help.

Brand Strategy

Need help determining how to move forward with your brand framework? Confused about how to determine the hierarchy of multiple brands? We can help.

Digital Ad Strategy

Do you need a digital ad strategy but don’t know how to get started? Do you have campaigns running, but don’t think they are optimized? Reach out.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is its own art. From content generation to optimizing platform setups to staying up to date on the latest algorithms. We’re here.

Design and Content

Meld specializes in generating high level design and content across platforms. We’re also happy to consult on elevating your team to new levels in these areas.


Group Workshops

Whether for employees, team members, board members, or customers, we design custom marketing workshops and trainings. 


Having a third-party, non-biased facilitator help your company work through issues or challenges can be a valuable asset.

Strategic Planning

Setting long-term goals in a structured and measured way can allow your staff, leadership, and/or board to align around a common direction.

Corporate History Books

Researching, interviewing, analyzing, and writing about the amazing history of a company is one of our favorite projects.

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