Why "Meld" with Us?

Meld Marketing was founded by CEO and Brand Strategist Melinda Pradarelli. The name reflects the company’s vision to bring together a team of marketing experts who can “meld” with businesses and organizations of all industries and sizes to help them refine and elevate their marketing efforts and impact. We follow a proven discovery process to become immersed in a company or organization, help clients generate a strategy to help them reach their goals, design a plan, and provide the staff support or staff training to successfully execute and measure the plans.

We're on Your Team

Imagine having a strategist, a designer, a social media guru, a project manager, a market researcher, and a digital advertising expert—all at your fingertips based upon what you need at that specific time. Consider Meld Marketing an extension of your team monitoring timelines, budgets, and measuring your impact.

We're Creative

Just walk inside our office and meet our people, and you’ll find some of the most creative minds anywhere. From visual design and development to identifying creative solutions to reach your customers, we bring new ideas and fresh approaches to help brands grow and thrive.

We're Innovative

We think inside, outside, around, behind, and in an alternate dimension of the box. We want to learn more about your specific challenges and come up with a solution that is just right for you. Let’s brainstorm together!

We're Agile and Metrics-Minded

Meld Marketing uses the Agile methodology in our constant drive to move our clients forward. Our three-week sprint cycles mean that together with our clients, we can learn, pivot and grow as we create, measure, monitor, and report our marketing efforts.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Even Well-Established Brands Can Benefit

Hands Jewelers has been in business for 166 years. We have made many decisions affecting the longevity of our family enterprise. Among the most important decisions we’ve ever made was to engage with Meld Marketing. As someone with 49 years of experience in the same business, I tell you this, based on my own experience: Engage Meld. Don’t wait any longer. It’s the best decision we’ve made while I’ve been in charge.

Bill Nusser — Owner, Hands Jewelers

Von Maur Department Stores: Bringing History to Life Through Storytelling

Melinda Pradarelli was very helpful in researching and writing the history of Von Maur. She personally discovered many interesting facts, stories, and photos from old newspapers, random articles, and archives. All thanks to Melinda for her efforts.

Charles von Maur — Co-Chairman of Von Maur, Inc.

Building a New Brand for Urban Acres Real Estate

Meld has been there from the beginning to help shape and craft our brand and image. I cannot imagine accomplishing all that we have over the last two and a half years, without the advice, support and enthusiasm of the Meld team.

Leah Vander Hart — Marketing Director, Urban Acres

We're Better for Having Partnered with Meld

In 2016, we originally set out to have a new website built. While we do now have a great new website, we also have a fresh new brand and an organization that has embraced it and is using the tools that Meld helped us develop to take our business to new levels of success. Every step of the way they made sure they were giving us the tools to carry on the work they had begun so that we were prepared when it came time to turn things over to us to continue on our own. Even though our work together is completed, the impact that Meld has had on our business and the way they have contributed to how we operate on all levels continues to evolve.

Dan Froese — Marketing Manager, Randy’s Flooring

Great for New Businesses

The team at Meld was amazing to work with when opening my new physical therapy practice. They helped us to start and grow our new business the right way. I would highly recommend Meld for any new business looking for a great start!

Joe Nelson — Owner, Team Iowa Physical Therapy

Clear, Concise, and Fun!

Wow! I can’t say enough good things about the team at Meld Marketing! They did a social media audit for the non-profit I work for. They presented everything in a clear and concise manner while making the overall experience so much fun. I learned a lot from them and I can’t wait to put their expert advice into motion. You guys are the best!

Tami Bonnett — Volunteer Coordinator, Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity

A Strategic Marketing Assessment

Meld helped us assess our marketing function and took time to really understand our stakeholder groups. Their insightful investigation and ability to distill the complexities of our internal structures into an organized plan will be invaluable to our future growth.

Matt Doty — Vice President for Corporate Communications, GreatAmerica

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